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          When you hire Gold Shield 1811, Inc., one of our associates in our Leadership Group will be assigned to manage the operational aspects of your case. What makes our firm unique in the industry is the depth and diversity of our associates’ experiences. Your case manager will have the background to deliver the best services available. That is the singular mission of our company.

Gold Shield 1811 Leadership Group

F. Joseph Robuck

Atlanta (FBI)
Donald R. Kidd

Atlanta (FBI)
Gary Harris

Managing Director
Atlanta (FBI)
William K. Bryan

Managing Director
Birmingham (FBI)
Art McGovern

Managing Director
Atlanta (IRS)
Dr. Don Penney

Atlanta (FBI)
Jalaine G. Ward

Macon (FBI)
Daniel P. Sindall

Atlanta (FBI)
Patricia L. Bergstrom

Atlanta (IRS)
David R. Olcott

Atlanta (FBI)
Barbara Y. Brown

Charleston (FBI)
James K. Dougal

Daytona Beach (FBI)
Jerry V. Culver

Atlanta (IRS)
Peter Connolly

Chattanooga (FBI)
Mike McKinney

Atlanta (FBI)
Rod Bergstrom

Atlanta (DHS)
Ronald Campbell

Atlanta (FBI)
Michael Roche

Vero Beach (USSS)
F. Joseph Robuck
  • Retired FBI Agent
  • Chief Executive Officer for Gold Shield 1811
  • Founded Gold Shield 1811 in January 2013 and has since conducted investigations, security assessments, and executive protection for corporate clients and law firms
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Lawyer
  • Assigned to the Atlanta Division of the FBI for 27 years
  • Assigned to FBI-Atlanta’s Public Corruption Squad for 24 years as a case agent and supervisor
  • Case agent for numerous high-profile corruption investigations and trials
  • Extensive experience with extortion, embezzlement, fraud, and bribery investigations
  • Extensive experience with complex litigation, trial preparation, and testimony
  • Directed undercover operations
  • FBI-Atlanta SWAT Team member for 18 years and SWAT Assault Team Leader for 5 years - duties collateral to investigative assignment
  • Participated in hundreds of high-risk arrests
  • Served on and led numerous protection details for US Attorneys General
  • Conducted physical security assessments for various public venues and government facilities
  • Participated in the implementation of security measures for national Special Events including multiple Super Bowls, political conventions, 1996 Summer Olympics, and an international economic summit
  • Member of ASIS International - a society of 30,000 security professionals
Donald R. Kidd
  • Retired FBI Special Agent
  • Chief Operating Officer for Gold Shield 1811, Inc.
  • Licensed private investigator
  • Served 24 years as an FBI Special Agent in the Denver, Tampa, and Atlanta Divisions
  • Member of the Atlanta SWAT Team for 15 years, serving as an Operator, Assault Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, and Supervisory SWAT Team Coordinator
  • Conducted numerous Security Risk Assessments for government and private sector facilities for National Security Special Events
  • Served on several U.S. Attorneys General and FBI Directors Protection Details domestically and internationally
  • Provided protective security measures for numerous high profile government witnesses and defendants, to include the key witness in the homicide of a Virgin Islands Police Officer in St. Croix, USVI, trial of 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, and mass murderer Brian Nichols
  • Certified Crisis Management Coordinator, tasked with leading FBI Field Division preparation and execution for critical incidents, special events, and preparatory exercises, to include being the primary point of contact for the multiple Agency Crisis Management Team for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida
  • Regional Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Coordinator for the Southeast Region of the U.S., encompassing 8 states, 10 FBI Divisions, and 20 Judicial Districts
  • Served as the FBI Drug Strike Force Supervisor, directly responsible for the overall coordination, liaison, investigative, and administrative oversight of all major national and international drug investigations in the Atlanta Division
  • Headed an International Contract Corruption Task Force in Ballad, Iraq, comprised of military security forces, other U.S. Government Agencies, and local Iraqi personnel, addressing major contract fraud and corruption violations occurring in Operation Iraqi Freedom war efforts
  • Served as Assistant Legal Attaché in Manila, Philippines
  • Extensive investigative experience in numerous investigations as case agent targeting major Criminal Enterprises, Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, and Violent Crime matters
  • Served as Safe Trails Task Force Coordinator, addressing all serious federal criminal matters on American Indian Tribal Territory, to include aggravated physical and sexual abuse of children
  • Prior to joining the FBI, served as a police officer with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Florida
  • Attended the University of Notre Dame on football scholarship, playing all four years, and obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration degree
Gary Harris
  • Retired FBI Special Agent
  • Managing Director for Gold Shield 1811, Inc.
  • Licensed private investigator
  • Twenty-seven years of experience in specialized tactical law enforcement, security operations, and crisis management
  • Served 10 years at Quantico, VA on the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team as a team leader, supervisor, and National Breaching Program Manager (NBPM). As NBPM (aka “Master Breacher”), he was the primary consultant to all FBI SWAT teams regarding methods of entry into buildings. He further provided breaching advice to US Special Forces and foreign law enforcement agencies.
  • Served 10 years in Atlanta as the Senior Team Leader (Commander) of FBI-Atlanta’s SWAT Team
  • Has extensive National Security Special Events (NSSE) management expertise. He conducted physical security assessments and planned, directed, and implemented security measures and crisis response for more than fifteen NSSE to include: multiple Super Bowls, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, G8 Summits, Presidential Inaugurations and State of the Union addresses
  • Conducted physical security assessments and wrote security protocols related to power plants, sports venues, and high-profile government facilities located in the State of Georgia
  • Developed, implemented and managed the security surveys and assessments associated with the following National Security Special Events (NSSE):
    • 2004 G8 Summit - over 50 security assessments were conducted to include; residences, hotels, airports and chemical/industrial plants
    • The Olympic Village and the Cross Country Skiing Venue, Salt Lake Winter Olympics
    • The Olympic Village and Olympic Venues, Atlanta Summer Olympics
    • 2000,2002,2005 Super Bowl Stadiums and associated Venues
  • Developed, implemented and managed the Critical Infrastructure Program for the FBI’s Atlanta Division. Every identified critical infrastructure asset located in the State of Georgia had a security assessment conducted based on the methods and protocols established under this program.
  • Conducted security assessments for the Department of State for US Embassies located in Senegal and Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Developed and conducted training for local, federal, and foreign law enforcement agencies regarding critical incident management, physical security assessments, and crisis resolution
  • Since retiring from the FBI, served as a security consultant for the NCAA at the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Final Four Basketball Championships and has conducted physical security assessments for multi-national corporations at their headquarters and associated facilities
  • Team Leader for the protection detail for Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, the key witness in the prosecution of John Gotti, head of the Gambino organized crime family
  • Team Leader for a protection detail for Giovanni Falcone, an Italian Magistrate who worked in Palermo, Sicily, prosecuting the Sicilian Mafia. The protection detail was conducted during a trip by Falcone to the United States. Falcone was later assassinated in Sicily by the Corleonesi Mafia.
  • Developed and implemented the protection and escort detail for the Oklahoma City Bombing evidence when it was transported from Oklahoma to FBI Headquarters in Washington DC
  • Planned and led numerous protection details for US Attorneys General and FBI Directors
  • Planned and led 560 high-risk entries resulting in the apprehension of more than 600 subjects
  • Senior Team Leader for an escorted shipment of live smallpox virus through Atlanta
  • Managed all aspects of FBI-Atlanta’s SWAT Team capabilities including operational planning, deployments, logistics, certifications, and training
  • Prior to joining the Bureau, served as an officer with the Arlington County (VA) Police Department
William K. Bryan
  • Retired FBI Agent
  • Managing Director for Gold Shield 1811, Inc.
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Served 22 years as an FBI Special Agent in Birmingham, AL
  • Extensive experience in Violent Crime investigations, both domestic and international
  • FBI case agent for one of the highest profile international kidnapping cases
  • FBI case agent for major Terrorism and complex White Collar Crime matters
  • Served as Senior Team Leader for FBI-Birmingham’s SWAT Team for 10 years
  • Member of FBI-Birmingham’s SWAT Team for 20 years
  • As Senior Team Leader, was responsible for program budgets, training, procurement, planning, and operational execution, in addition to his primary role as an operator
  • Certified FBI Firearms Instructor
  • Certified FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Prior to joining the FBI, played professional football with the NFL Denver Broncos for 13 seasons
  • Owned a small business while playing professional football
  • Economics Degree from Duke University
  • More detailed resume available upon request
Art McGovern
  • Retired IRS Special Agent
  • Managing Director for Gold Shield 1811, Inc.
  • President, Financial Investigations, Inc., Since 2004
  • Financial Investigator for individuals, corporations & trial attorneys, since 2004
  • Expert Witness for trial attorneys, since 2004
  • Attorney, Accountant, Private Investigator, Instructor
  • Extensive experience in civil & criminal financial Investigations
  • Instructor Georgia State University, “How to Conduct Financial Investigations” 1995-2002
  • Instructor for IRS
  • Investigator U.S. Treasury Department 1974-2004
  • Senior Case Agent for numerous high-profile civil & criminal cases
  • As an Agent, conducted a financial investigation of the sitting President of the United States
  • As an Agent, testified before a U.S. Senate Committee
  • Retired 2004 - U.S. Special Agent
  • Assigned to U.S. Attorney’s Office, Lead Investigator, Criminal Division, White Collar Crimes Division 1988-2004
  • U.S. Federal Air Marshal 2001-2002
  • IRS Special Agent 1983-2004
  • IRS Appellate Conferee 1982-1983
  • IRS Special Enforcement Agent 1981-1982
  • IRS Large Case Examination Revenue Agent 1978-1981
  • IRS Revenue Agent 1974-1978
  • U.S. Army combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient
  • More detailed resume available upon request
  • Neurological Surgeon
  • Professor of Emergency Medicine, Augusta University
  • Dean for Clinical Affairs, American University of Integrative Sciences
  • Health Care Consultant, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
  • Currently, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Augusta University, Augusta, GA
  • Currently, Dean of Clinical Sciences at the American University of Integrative Sciences
  • Previously, Professor of Neuroscience and Anatomy at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Georgia Campus)
  • Previously, Clinical Clerkship Director for Emergency Medicine Rotation, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Neurological Surgeon in private practice in Atlanta from 1993 to 2013
  • Has performed neurological surgery on dignitaries throughout the United States including US Congressmen, judges, district attorneys, athletes, performers, and numerous federal law enforcement agents from the FBI, CIA, and US Marshals Service
  • Practiced emergency medicine in many of the country’s leading trauma centers, including Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois; Loyola Medical Center, Maywood, Illinois; Medical College of Georgia Medical Center, Augusta, Georgia; and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Montreal, Canada. All of the centers were designated as Level 1 Trauma Centers by the American College of Surgeons.
  • Board certified in Emergency Medicine, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support, and Pediatric Life Support
  • Previous Director of Neurosurgery at the Wyoming Medical Center, Casper, WY - the only designated trauma center for the State of Wyoming
  • Recipient of Top Surgeons in America for 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013 by Consumer Research Council of America
  • Physician Finalist for Health Care Heroes, Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2003-2004
  • Voted Top Doc May 2005, Georgia Lifestyle Magazine
  • Authored numerous articles, texts, and publications for nationally-recognized journals
  • Delivered multiple lectures for the American College of Emergency Physicians in San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, and Chicago
  • Healthcare consultant to FBI Academy, Quantico, VA. Deployed multiple times with the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team on field operations throughout the United States and internationally
  • Trained at FBI Academy in Anti-terrorism, including evasive driving, personal protection, and counter-intelligence
Jalaine G. Ward
  • Retired FBI Agent
  • Served 27 years as an FBI Special Agent in Macon, GA
  • Extensive experience in White Collar Crime and Violent Crime investigations
  • Extensive investigative experience in Crimes Against Children
  • Managed many high-profile cases
  • Extensive experience with trial preparation and testimony in complex criminal matters
  • Served in an undercover capacity and directed undercover operations
  • 24 years of experience in Crisis Negotiations and Behavioral Analysis
  • Served on the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Team
  • Involved in numerous hostage situations both as a Negotiator and Negotiation Team Leader
  • Served as FBI-Atlanta’s Coordinator for the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime which includes the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit
  • Consulted with local police on complex murder cases, serial homicides, threat assessments, and sex crimes as a result of her Behavioral Analysis training
  • Certified FBI Instructor
  • Provided instruction to law enforcement officers, teachers, school administrators, and mental health professionals on a variety of topics including Crisis Negotiation, Sexual Exploitation of Children, Threat Assessment, and Crisis Intervention
  • Served on the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team for seven years
  • Deployed to various parts of the United States to assist local law enforcement with missing children, child abductions, and false reports of kidnappings
  • Prior to joining the Bureau, worked in a juvenile detention system and was a Public Safety Officer for a major university
  • More detailed resume available upon request
Daniel P. Sindall
  • Retired FBI Agent
  • 32 year career as an FBI Special Agent with extensive experience in Violent Crimes investigations
  • FBI case agent for many high-profile violent Bank Robberies, Organized Crime-related Bank Burglaries, and Truck Hijacking cases while assigned in New York City
  • FBI’s lead investigator for many sophisticated international Drug Trafficking investigations, complicated Domestic Terrorism matters, and Bank Robberies while assigned in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Significant experience preparing cases and testifying at trial
  • Well-versed in writing affidavits for the application of arrest and search warrants
  • Fluent Spanish speaker
  • Served on FBI SWAT teams in both New York and Atlanta for a total of 25 years as an operator and an Assault Team Leader
  • Earned the coveted Combat Divers Badge, graduating as the only civilian to ever to be recognized as the Distinguished Honor Graduate at the US Army Special Forces Dive School
  • Used dive skill in several successful search and recovery missions
  • Substantial investigative experience in Kidnappings and Fugitives
  • Served on numerous security details providing protection for high-ranking foreign officials (e.g. Shah of Iran and his wife), government witnesses, and high-level US Government officials
  • Served as Assistant Legal Attache in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Investigated the kidnappings of Americans in Venezuela and Haiti
  • Prior to the FBI, studied languages in Europe for 2 years
  • More detailed resume available upon request
Patricia L. Bergstrom
  • Retired IRS Agent
  • Accountant
  • Served as a Special Agent with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for 20 years
  • Investigated a multitude of complex financial criminal violations, including Tax Evasion of legal and illegal sources of income, Money Laundering, Bank Fraud, Securities Fraud, and Mortgage Fraud
  • Investigated many domestic and international multi-million dollar fraud schemes requiring the organizing and analyzing of tens of thousands of documents within a designated timeframe
  • Was an integral part of the government prosecution team for numerous trials
  • Served as the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the IRS CID Atlanta Field Office
  • As a PIO, developed trusted working relationships with six United States Attorney’s Offices in Georgia and Alabama, related to their most significant investigations
  • Prior to career as an IRS Special Agent, served as an IRS Revenue Agent for four years, acquiring extensive technical tax knowledge and proficiency, navigating through the books and records of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations
  • More detailed resume available upon request
David R. Olcott
  • Retired FBI Special Agent
  • Operational Team Leader for Gold Shield 1811, Inc.
  • Licensed private investigator
  • Served as an FBI Agent for 22 years investigating Violent Crimes, Financial Crimes, and Terrorism
  • Member of FBI-Atlanta’s SWAT Team for 20 years
  • Served as the Senior Team Leader (Commander) for FBI-Atlanta’s SWAT Team for 5 years
  • Regularly conducted physical security assessments for government and private sector facilities in support of multiple special events preparedness
  • Served as the lead Special Agent for physical security assessments conducted in Georgia at: University of Georgia Sanford Stadium, Athens, GA (2007); Georgia Tech University Bobby Dodd Stadium Atlanta, GA (2007); Georgia Power Nuclear Power Plants - Plant Hatch and Plant Vogtle (2007); FBI Field Office, Atlanta, GA (2006)
  • Served on the Physical Security Assessment Team for Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah (2001) and the G-8 Summit, Saint Simons Island, GA (2004)
  • Served on the US Attorneys General Protection Detail and conducted physical security and threat assessments for the following international trips (2007-2008): Mexico City, Mexico; Jakarta, Indonesia; Vienna, Austria; Cairo, Egypt; and Bled, Slovenia
  • Served on the US Attorneys General Protection Detail and conducted advance security assessments within the United States and overseas
  • Senior Team Leader for protection detail of high profile witness in the trial of 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui in Alexandria, VA (2006)
  • Prior to joining the FBI, was an officer with the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division Counter Sniper (C/S) Team (1982-1986). Conducted site surveys/threat assessments (short and long range) domestically and internationally (Japan, Ireland) in advance of the POTUS/US VP/other foreign dignitaries. Lead C/S Advance for Summer Olympics, Los Angeles, CA (1984)
  • Served as an FBI SWAT Team medic
  • Since retiring from the FBI, has conducted physical security assessments for Fortune 500 companies at their headquarters and associated facilities
  • Instructed FBI SWAT teams in Combat Medicine and First Responder protocols
  • Instructor for Anti-Terrorism tactics and Combat Medicine at the FBI Academy for FBI Agents deploying to war zones and other high-risk international assignments
  • Licensed by the National Register of Emergency Medical Technicians as an Advanced Emergency Technician
  • Instructor with the American Heart Association for Basic Life Support CPR/AED
  • National Association of Emergency Medical Service Educator level II EMT and AEMT Instructor
Barbara Y. Brown
  • Retired FBI Agent
  • Licensed Private Investigator (SC#PDC3110)
  • Served 25 years as an FBI Special Agent in Atlanta
  • Extensive experience in Violent Crime, Asian Organized Crime, Smuggling, and Human Trafficking
  • Served as the FBI case agent on many high-profile domestic and international investigations
  • Extensive experience preparing for trials which followed complex investigations
  • Testified numerous times in state and federal trials and pre-trial proceedings
  • Considerable interviewing and interrogation experience
  • Coordinated and directed many undercover operations involving Organized Crime, Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Gangs, and Drug Trafficking
  • Conducted background investigations and served as an interviewer for the FBI Special Agent Selection Board
  • Certified FBI Instructor
  • Provided training in Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Gangs, Drugs, Visa Fraud, and School Violence
  • Served as the Atlanta Coordinator for the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC)
  • As NCAVC Coordinator, received training in Behavior Analysis and School Violence
  • Served as the Tactical Operations Center Coordinator for FBI Atlanta’s SWAT Team
  • Served on protection details for US Attorneys General and FBI Directors
  • Early in FBI career, was one of the few female agents in the FBI to qualify for and serve on an FBI SWAT Team
  • Prior to the FBI, served as the Assistant Director for a Juvenile Diversion Program for first-time felony offenders
  • More detailed resume available upon request
James K. Dougal
  • Retired FBI Special Agent
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Served 21 years in the FBI in specialized tactical law enforcement units, security operations, investigations, and crisis management
  • After retiring from the FBI, served as a Personnel Security Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the FBI’s International Operations Division. Was responsible for developing processes and strategies for keeping FBI personnel and their families safe while deployed overseas.
  • Served as a Senior Operations SME to the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
  • FBI Senior Detailee to the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO)
  • FBI Supervisory Special Agent with the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD) in Strategic Policy and Planning
  • FBI WMDD National/International Nuclear/Radiological Countermeasures Team Leader & Instructor
  • Served 7 years as the Jacksonville FBI Senior SWAT Team Leader. Supervised numerous high-risk arrests, search warrant executions, dignitary protection details, and high-threat surveillance operations. Coordinated and provided support to the FBI Director’s Detail for Director Mueller’s vacation residence. Led numerous support missions for the Attorney General’s and FBI Director’s protection details.
  • Joint Terrorism Task Force Coordinator, FBI-Jacksonville
  • Safe Streets Task Force Coordinator, FBI-Jacksonville. Focused on organized crime and serial robbery suspects.
  • Served 5 years at Quantico, Virginia, with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team as an Assistant Team Leader
  • Extensive investigative experience as a case agent targeting major criminal enterprises, organized crime, and violent crime matters
  • Prior to joining the FBI, served as a police officer with the Savannah Police Department
  • Retired Major in the U.S. Army Reserve
  • Naval Rescue Swimmer in the U.S. Navy
  • FAA Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land, Airplane Multi-Engine Land, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Instrument Airplane, and Helicopter
  • Master’s Degree from Pennsylvania State University in Homeland Security
Jerry V. Culver
  • Retired IRS Special Agent
  • Accountant
  • Special Agent with the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, for 29 years
  • Conducted investigations of multinational corporations engaged in complex fraud and money laundering schemes involving, among other things, layered corporations to hide ownership, income, and criminal activity
  • Conducted numerous sophisticated investigations of large narcotics trafficking organizations that operated using murder, intimidation, coercion, public corruption, and conspiracy
  • Assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force(OCDETF) during the last 15 years of career
  • Participated in over 15 criminal prosecution trials while assigned to OCDETF
  • Testified numerous times in Federal Court as an agent and then as an expert witness after retirement
  • Testified in both Federal and State courts as an expert witness since retirement
  • Served as agent-in-charge of several long term protection details of threatened witnesses
  • Conducted numerous surveillance details
  • Developed and presented a financial investigative course for U.S. Probation Officers
  • After retirement, worked as a Financial Crimes Consultant with the FDA/OCI on cases involving complex money laundering schemes involving multi-national pharmaceutical corporations, resulting in the forfeiture of millions of dollars
  • More detailed resume upon request
Peter J. Connolly
  • Retired FBI Special Agent (1985 to 2007)
  • License Private Investigator in GA & TN (2008 to present).
  • Regional Intelligence Officer, National Drug Intelligence Center, U.S. Department of Justice (2008 to 2011)
  • FBI Special Investigator, Background Contract Services Unit, FBI Headquarters (2011 to present).
  • Criminal Investigator, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1982 to 1985)
  • Special Agent, U.S. Naval Investigative Service (1975 to 1982)
  • USMC Veteran (1969 to 1972)
  • Extensive investigative experience in organized crime, white collar crime, money laundering, violent crime, property crime, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.
  • Extensive experience in both domestic and international undercover operations.
  • Extensive training experience in interview and interrogations.
  • Extensive FBI training and experience in Crisis Negotiation; certified FBI Crisis Negotiator during FBI career
Mike McKinney
  • Retired FBI Agent (24 years)
  • Significant experience as a Supervisor and “Street Agent” working major cases targeting white collar crime, corruption, government fraud, cold-case homicides, money-laundering, and civil rights violations
  • Career leader and 20 year specialist within the FBI’s Undercover Program, including personally running the FBI’s Undercover Certification Course
  • Responsible for planning, running, and/or directly participating in more than 50 highly sensitive FBI undercover operations targeting corruption, fraud, foreign counterintelligence, drugs, violent crimes, and mortgage fraud
  • Created and served as the lead instructor for an Advanced Covert Training Program
  • Director’s Award for Excellence in Criminal Investigations in 2008 - one of the highest honors in the FBI - as the Supervisor in a major investigation targeting corruption
  • Managed the FBI’s Corporate Fraud Task Force as a Supervisor in the Economic Crimes Unit at FBI Headquarters, and also managed global complex investigations targeting insider trading, Ponzi schemes, private equity/hedge funds, foreign exchange market (forex) and other investment frauds
  • Buffalo Division SWAT Team (Operator and Breacher), and Atlanta SWAT Team Supervisory Coordinator
  • FBI Firearms Instructor since 1993
  • Civil Rights Coordinator, Informant Coordinator, and Safe Streets Task Force Coordinator
  • Trained in the Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing & Advanced Interrogation
  • Instructor for Police Departments regarding Civil Rights Investigations, Color of Law, and Pattern & Practice issues
  • EEO Investigator at the FBI
  • Black Belt in Tae-Kwon Do
  • Accounting & Business Degrees from Otterbein University in 1986
  • 1986 Division III All-American in Basketball
  • Bank Manager & Mortgage Loan Officer in Columbus, Ohio for five years before joining the FBI
Rod Bergstrom
  • Retired U.S. Customs Special Agent
  • Graduated first in class at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Served 20 years in the Atlanta and Washington, D.C. offices
  • Expert in all matters related to the importation of goods into the U.S.
  • Conducted countless criminal and civil investigations of smuggled or fraudulently imported merchandise
  • Specialized in fraud areas such as undervaluation, misclassification, false country of origin, and anti-dumping
  • Head of the Security Protection Detail for the U.S. Customs Commissioner following the events of 9/11
  • Planned and coordinated the Commissioner’s minute by minute movement including constant meetings with the President at the White House as well as meetings with foreign dignitaries abroad.
  • Established an executive firearms training business in Atlanta following retirement from U.S. Customs
  • Discreetly trained many corporate leaders and their family members in the proper handling and use of a handgun.
  • Hawaii Ironman, Team USA and All American Triathlete during 25 years of racing
  • More detailed resume available upon request
Ronald P. Campbell
  • Retired FBI Agent
  • 25 year career as a Special Agent in Atlanta and Philadelphia, working mostly Violent Crimes
  • SWAT team member in both Atlanta and Philadelphia
  • Case Agent on International Drug Trafficking cases using sophisticated investigative techniques to bring cases to successful conclusions, resulting in numerous arrests and seizures of assets
  • Substantial investigative experience in Bank Robbery, Fugitive, and Extortion cases
  • Case Agent on numerous high profile Fugitive cases
  • Served as a Team Leader and Coordinator of FBI-Atlanta’s Special Operations (Surveillance) Group
  • Served on protection details for both the Director of the FBI and the US Attorney General
  • Extensive experience conducting interviews of victims, witnesses, and subjects
  • Substantial experience testifying in both Federal and State court
  • Received the FBI's Agent Associations J. EDGAR HOOVER award for valor - 1997
Michael Roche
  • Retired U.S. Secret Service Special Agent
  • Served 22 years as a U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in the New Orleans, Miami, and Tampa Field Offices
  • Throughout career, routinely assigned to Protective Security Details for visiting heads of state and to conduct Security Risk Assessments domestically and internationally
  • Assigned to the Vice Presidential Protective Detail during the 1996 Presidential Campaign
  • Protective Intelligence Coordinator for the 1998 visit of Pope John Paul to the United States
  • Assigned to the Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division in Washington, D.C. conducting Intelligence Threat Assessments for the President and Vice President of the United States, both domestically and internationally
  • Team Leader at Ground Zero and Staten Island Fresh Kills Landfill during Recovery Operations after 9/11
  • Protection Intelligence Liaison Agent assigned to the FBI and CIA headquarters
  • Assigned as the U.S. Secret Service National Joint Terrorism Task Force Coordinator
  • Served as the Protective Threat Assessment Coordinator for the Tampa Field Office conducting numerous threat-related investigations
  • Served as Crisis Management Assistant Coordinator. Coordinated preparation for critical incidents, special events, and preparatory exercises. Served on the multi-agency crisis management team for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.
  • Last 15 years of Secret Service career was focused on conducting behavioral threat assessments of those individuals who were considering engaging in targeted violence
  • Investigated complex financial fraud and U.S. Counterfeit Currency cases
  • Conducted undercover operations domestically and internationally in U.S. Counterfeit Currency investigations while assigned to the Miami Field Office
  • Adjunct Instructor at Saint Leo University, teaching a class in 2009 titled “Conducting Vulnerability, Threat and Risk Assessments of Physical Structures”
  • Prior to joining the Secret Service, was a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms conducting arson investigations in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Previously spent 10 years with the Little Rock Police Department - assignments included patrol, street crimes, and detective