About Gold Shield 1811

  • Gold Shield 1811 is comprised of 18 former U.S. federal agents with over 400 years of combined experience in security and investigations. We have 13 former FBI Agents, 3 former IRS Agent - Accountants, 1 former Secret Service Agent, and 1 former Homeland Security Agent. Additionally, we have a deep pool of contractors – former federal agents and other subject matter experts – supplementing our manpower.

  • Since Gold Shield 1811 began operations in January 2013, we have provided investigative, consulting, and security services to Fortune 500 companies, other businesses, law firms, and individuals. Many of our clients have engaged the company repeatedly.

  • Our firm’s specialties include: Executive Protection, Financial Investigations, Physical Security Assessments, and General Investigations. In addition, we have personnel who are highly-experienced in Corruption-related matters.

  • One of the characteristics that makes us different in the security industry is that we are accomplished investigators as well as security experts. We use those investigative skills to precisely identify the needs of our clients and tailor reasonable solutions.

  • We assemble teams of people with the appropriate blend of experience to bring our clients smarter and faster results. Our people have been highly successful in the government and the private sector and were selected for our company for that reason.

  • We implement and execute many elements of corporate security plans. We have put preventative measures in place and have responded to incidents that have occurred, investigating them thoroughly when necessary.

  • Our business plan is to augment corporate security departments, not replace them. Gold Shield 1811 is available to handle special projects with highly experienced subject matter experts. With Gold Shield 1811 available, corporations can reduce the size of their security departments while being able to address serious security-related issues with the most qualified people available.

  • Our people are authorized by federal law to carry concealed firearms in all U.S. territories and have worked armed on numerous engagements.

  • Gold Shield 1811 has substantial international experience and contacts in the international law enforcement community. We can and have provided a global response to security threats.

  • We are affiliated with Trident Group, a security firm comprised of over 300 former Navy SEALs, to provide the most robust international executive protection available.

  • Gold Shield 1811 is a licensed (GA License # PDC002614) and insured Georgia corporation. Our people are licensed in five states -- Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida. Although Gold Shield 1811 is Atlanta-based, we have associates who live and work in -- Chattanooga, Birmingham, Charleston, Macon, Tampa, and Orlando -- making it possible for Gold Shield 1811 to service the southeastern United States.

  • We are members of ASIS International - a society of 30,000 security professionals. ASIS International defines the elements of a corporate security program as follows:
    • Physical security of the organization’s assets
    • Development and enforcement of security policy and procedures
    • Pre-employment screening
    • Crisis management
    • Business continuity planning
    • Executive protection
    • Investigation of security incidents
    • Employee security awareness
    • Law enforcement and governmental liaison
    • Information protection
    • Workplace violence prevention
    • Termination support
    • Security officer employment and supervision
    • Security systems management

  • Gold Shield 1811 can work with an in-house security department to develop a cost-effective, reasonable, highly effective security program to address the above-listed areas. That program will not only satisfy corporate leaders’ moral and legal obligations to keep their employees safe, but will satisfy their obligations to shareholders to protect company assets and mitigate liability.

January 1, 2013
Combined Experience
400+ years
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